Can a NURBS surface be loaded from Blender?

Hello, I created a NURBS surface sphere in Blender exported in glTF 2.0 format. However, when loaded it with THREE.GLTFLoader, it was not visible. Next I added cube mesh superimposed over the NURBS surface sphere and only that is visible but I would expect to see this - imageIs there any way to correctly load a NURBS surface sphere? Here is the blender file.

glTF does not allow NURBS — realtime engines like three.js cannot render them without triangulating them first, so that triangulation is meant to happen before export. I’d recommend converting the surface to a mesh in Blender first before exporting to glTF. It might be worth filing a bug on the exporter ( to have that happen automatically.


I’ve never tried it before, but there’s an example that appears to load NURBS via FBXLoader. I’m not entirely sure what it’s doing under the hood, and I don’t know what’s inside the .fbx file, but it might be worth looking into:

Good find! It looks like it just supports THREE.NURBSCurve, though, which would mean you get NURBS curves, converted to lines, but not surfaces. three.js does also have a THREE.NURBSSurface class, although I don’t know if any loaders support it. It still has to be converted to a BufferGeometry for rendering though, so your life will probably be simpler if you can triangulate it before export. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I saw a post on Twitter earlier this week by Lars Berg that generates NURBS using this library and it looks like a lot of work. If @shane already has the geometry built in Blender, it’s definitely simpler to just triangulate it and export.