iOS devices not rendering model - shader error

I’ve been at this issue for the last 4 days and would be really grateful for any help.

There is a model I’ve been working for the christmas season - but it keeps crashing on iOS devices or else the model does not display after loading the scene. I’m getting a Shader error warning as well, though not sure if that is the reason for this.
The basic Shader warning is:
WARNINGTHREE.WebGLShader: gl.getShaderInfoLog() fragment WARNING: 0:17: Overflow in implicit constant conversion, minimum range for lowp float is (-2,2)

The entire log is attached:ios_issue.txt (12.8 KB)
The link works for Desktop and the Android devices that I have tested with, but for none of the iOS devices. If anyone could point me towards the right direction, that would be a huge help.

What iOS device are you testing on? I’m not sure what it could be, but I know that if you visit with your iPhone, chances are it doesn’t support 8192x8192 textures.

I’m testing on iPhoneXR. I’ll check if that is the issue, but even if it doesn’t support 8k textures, wouldn’t three.js automatically downsize it. My Android doesn’t support 8k as well, but it’s downsized automatically for display