"Invalid value used as weak map key" after update to r131

Hey guys, I just updated to r131.3. Im using typescript, so thats the latest type supported version right now. Since then Im getting an error

threejs r 0.131.3
types/three 0.131.1
Angular 10.1.6

Invalid value used as weak map key
at WeakMap.set ()
at Object.get (three.module.js:18955)
at setTexture2D (three.module.js:21772)
at WebGLTextures.safeSetTexture2D (three.module.js:22784)
at SingleUniform.setValueT1 [as setValue] (three.module.js:17165) <---- Texture type boolean
at Function.push.Womt.WebGLUniforms.upload (three.module.js:17647) <— Texture type WebGLTexture
at setProgram (three.module.js:26430)
at WebGLRenderer.renderBufferDirect (three.module.js:25385)
at renderObject (three.module.js:26017)
at renderObjects (three.module.js:25976)

Im logging from three.module.js watching different variables and found that at SingleUniform.setValueT1 [as setValue] (three.module.js:17165) the textures passed are still all type WebGLTextures.

Then at WebGLTextures.safeSetTexture2D (three.module.js:22784) the texture that is passed to the function, is not a texture anymore but a boolean.

My guess was that at the last line of setValueT1 function, when textures.safeSetTexture2D is called. The passing of v || emptyTexture is not passing either v or emptyTexture, but is passing the whole as a condition (true || false). v is type boolean, emptyTexture is type Texture at that point

function setValueT1( gl, v, textures ) {

	const cache = this.cache;
	const unit = textures.allocateTextureUnit();

	if ( cache[ 0 ] !== unit ) {

		gl.uniform1i( this.addr, unit );
		cache[ 0 ] = unit;


    // Tries to pass v or emptyTexture
	textures.safeSetTexture2D( v || emptyTexture, unit );

In the function safeSetTexture2D, the texture is true

function safeSetTexture2D( texture, slot ) {

    // This is logging: true, 0
	console.log('safeSetTexture2D', texture, slot)


I guess this is a bug? Or could it be possible that I forgot to migrate sth and passing a wrong value?
Should i report it at threejs github or threejs types?

Any help appreaciated

Can you please demonstrate with a live example how the runtime error happens.

Im not able to get angular and threejs to work in a jsFiddle… sry

But I got the error removed by setting the depthTexture (third) flag of the SAOPass to false. That was a copy paste error, I dont use depthTexture, but that should be caught, shouldnt it?

this.SAO = new SAOPass(this.scene, this.camera, false, true)

You can use Codesandbox, they have angular templates.


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This issue should be fixed via SAOPass: Fix depthTexture initialization. by twastvedt · Pull Request #22502 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub.

Will be available with the next release r133 at the end of the month.

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