Instancing and AnimationClip

I want to load a GLTF object similar to:

The problem lies with rendering say a hundred or so models from the same GLTF object.

I have viewed this example, which is kind of solves this problem:

Its awesome that the single mesh given to the renderer has only a slightly different transform per model and that it renders only once per render loop.

The problem is that I would prefer to do this with animations.

I am thinking of using AnimationObjectGroup. I see there is AnimationObjectGroup class, but is it possible for each instance of the group to be rendered with a different pose from the same AnimationClip?

I don’t think AnimationObjectGroup is the right class to use here, and the “right” approach doesn’t support this yet. But being able to animate a particular instance in an InstancedMesh does seem like a good suggestion to me. Probably it is the PropertyBinding class that would need to support that — an AnimationClip can only target properties that PropertyBinding knows about. Perhaps we need a binding syntax like:


I would suggest opening an issue on GitHub requesting the feature, and maybe a Pull Request if you’re able to do so.