Inspiration Resource: Light & Color

Disclosure Alert: There is no digital tools used or code on this post. Not directly related to THREEJS but intrinsically part of it.

I hope is ok to share this post here, otherwise let me know and I can remove it or repost it at the appropriate communication channel. :wink:

The link is about an artist that has dedicated his life to the study of light and color . Automatically, I thought of sharing it on our space, specially us that we are all day navigating color spaces, lights and so on.

Most of all, I found his process really interesting and inspiring on many regards: process, discovery, message, form, execution and the importance of viewers perspective and the non-passive observance of the artwork.
I found this relevant since we are entering the virtual realm and participation from the viewers its all it is.
I think there are valuable tips in this short video that could help any of us when tackle a new project or want to dig deeper into an idea.

The artist name is Carlos Cruz-Diez

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This is good!

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