Indicator line on surface


I would like to hear your advice!
I have attached one image.
There are several indicator which is useful for 3D configurator.
I know it’s simple. But I am the beginner.
Kindly, I want you to let me know how to implement this.

You can find the similar implementation from this url:

Hi, there is Three.Line, which draws a line between two vector3. However, in most browser the line will always be 1px wide. If you want a nice line, have a look at MeshLine

Or you use the wide lines implementation from the repository:

In any event, I would consider to implement labels based on HTML and CSS. CSS2DRenderer might be helpful in this context.


Sincerely, thanks for your attention.
I solved with the 1px line mesh. Currently, there is no need to implement the thickness of the line.

But I will use your solutions soon.

Thanks, again.

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