Draw lines, add labels

Hello everyone, I want to implement a function similar to this plugin, how can I achieve it? Thank you.



Can draw lines, label, how to achieve or have similar open source projects?

Have you seen the three.js editor?

Or Sketchfab?

The three.js editor does not allow to draw lines. AFAIK, same for Sketchfab. This could make it hard to create custom labels like shown in the screenshot.

I have seen the three.js editor, but I can’t draw lines, mark, I have never seen Sketchfab, I take a closer look at Sketchfab, Thanks heaps for your quick response

The plugin in the picture is based on three.js, but he is a chrome app, he implemented this function, I am still researching, thank you

I think that you can add labels to your models in SketchFab, which might be all @11112 needs here.

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