Incorrect display of obj format model

When I import some obj format models, I display incorrect problems.

Under meshphonematerial, the model is as follows:

Under meshphysical material, the model is as follows:

I tried to change flatshading, but it never worked。

When I open the model with the software provided by windows, the display is correct:

Later, I loaded the model using babylon.js, and the display is also correct (what I want):

After I exported GLB with babylon.js, I reloaded it with threejs.editor and found that the surface of the model became smooth. But I can’t use this GLB. Its UV seems to be inconsistent with threejs. My project does not allow me to use babylonjs.

This is my model :test.rar (1.2 MB)

See if this helps

I exported the model as glb from blender

blend file and glb in zip (3.9 MB)

gltf viewer screenshot

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This model is correct, but how can I ensure that it will not have this problem in the program.

obj,fbx are very old formats and various 3d software have different ways of saving these files which is causing the normals error.

you will get best results and good forum support with glb gltf files

if your model is obj,fbx and it’s looking incorrect then best solution is to open in blender and export it again as glb and save to your server