Incorrect bone positions in Object3D after conversion to json

I’m trying to export my scene (there is only one 3D humanoid object in the scene) and convert it to .json format. After that, I import that .json into threejs-editor. The result is that my model doesn’t look right. As I understand it - all the bones are positioned at the zero point. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

Below is the code to load the model in .json format.

Thank you in advance.

function saveString( text, filename ) {
    save(new Blob([text], {type: "text/plain",}), "scene.json");


function createJSONFunction() {
  let output = scene.toJSON();
  output = JSON.stringify( output );
  metadata = `"metadata":{"type":"App"},"project":{"shadows":true,"shadowType":1,"vr":false,"physicallyCorrectLights":false,"toneMapping":0,"toneMappingExposure":1},"camera":{"metadata":{"version":4.5,"type":"Object","generator":"Object3D.toJSON"},"object":{"uuid":"${camera.uuid}","type":"PerspectiveCamera","name":"Camera","layers":1,"matrix":[0.8551272907805305,1.3877787807814457e-17,0.5184180905045175,0,0.13009003113625428,0.9680035450955323,-0.2145826658457063,0,-0.5018305494500295,0.25093651922843285,0.8277662489834916,0,-5.6106361087816765,2.805555575159794,9.254708011035515,1],"fov":50,"zoom":1,"near":0.01,"far":1000,"focus":10,"aspect":1.9214145383104126,"filmGauge":35,"filmOffset":0}}`;     
  result = `{${metadata},"scene":${output}`;


I also encountered the same problem.

It seems that the result of the function “toJson” does not contain information about position and rotation, and there is also empty content in the matrix.

This leads to the fact that the content read from the JSON is located at position 0 and has a rotation of 0.

I was unable to resolve this issue for an hour. According to normal expectations, this should be considered a bug? Or maybe someone can make some tips?