In Three.js, how to replace geometry normal with normal map completely

How do you replace geometry normal with normal map completely? I am provided normal map and geometry from my work. I am not allowed to change these files. The goal is to just use normal map normal instead of geometry normal. However, I can’t find a way to achieve this since every way I tried was geometry normal dominating and the triangles are all obvious.

Could you replicate the issue on codepen ? Seems like something that shouldn’t be happening if you’re applying normal maps correctly.

welp, 1 there is normalScale or similar property on the material that allows you to increase normal map effect. and 2 you could always overwrite geometry.attributes.normal.array values

oh, and 3 if the map is separate file from the model, you might need to change flipY value on the texture

Tangent space normal maps (the default use of a normal map) are relative to the vertex normals, and you must have vertex normals of some sort for them to work. A normal map should be baked with some particular vertex normals in mind…

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The effect in this reality editor