Imported model transparent in some regions


I’m having trouble figuring out how to fix the imported 3D model in this scene. It appears transparent at the tank behind the driver’s seat and the sides. This is what the model should actually look like. I tried importing it into blender and unchecking the ‘Backface Culling’ and ‘Show Backface’ options at the material of the body without luck.

I also tried the following in my code:

    (gltf) => {
        model = gltf.scene

        model.traverse(function (node) {

            // console.log(

            if (node.isMesh) {

                // console.log(

                // console.log(node.parent)

                node.material.side = THREE.DoubleSide
                // node.material.opacity = 1
                //node.material.transparent = false


without luck as well. Any ideas about what’s going wrong will be appreciated!

This whole car seems to use material.transparent === true, which causes the issues you see above. With the exception of the windshield (hopefully that’s a separate mesh?) the materials should not use transparency.

It may be easier to open this in Blender and fix the materials, then export.

Hi @donmccurdy, thanks for your response. Hi. It turns out that I also had to set the ‘Blend Mode’ to ‘Opaque’ in blender! I also set the side property to DoubleSide just in case and it now works!