Imported FBX Animated Model Has Extra Planes Added


Why are those extra planes there? In blender it looks fine.

Can you please share the blend file in this topic?

itv.blend (764.6 KB)

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Also, I uploaded to Sketchfab and it looked fine. So there must be some way to fix it with code?

It seems to work fine if I export to glTF instead: itv.glb (18.9 KB)

It’s only necessary to play all animation clips at once to achieve the same result like in Blender.

If it’s a problem in the loader, it won’t be possible to fix it on app level. Maybe @looeee knows what’s going wrong.

I think FBX hates me : (

I think you might have hit on the same problem from this issue:

The FBXLoader doesn’t support polys with >4 sides. The code to split 4 sided into 3 sided was pretty simple, but >4 sided starts to get complicated. Also, think it’s only the blender exporter that allows you to export >4 sided. Maya and Max only export quads and tris.

Can you try dividing the faces in blender to 4 or less and see if that fixes the issue? Or share the ASCII FBX file here.

Ah yes, that makes sense. Let me give that a try and report back. Thanks for the help.