Import gltf objects with its bone constraints from blender

I need help with a task.
I’ve rigged a model with Blender and assigned bone constraints to each of the bones so that the movement happens the way I want it to.

Now, I want to load this model with three js in my react app and enable interactivity with the model, i.e. control the movement.

For example, I want to be able to set the angle for the main arm.
And the other bones are child elements of that and have to move with every single change.
One of the bone uses also inverse kinemtatic.

I also want to be able to display the current position (especially the rotation angle of the main arm).
Could someone help me? I would pay for it.

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Dear @hestud
How are you?
I’m highly experienced in three.js, WebGL, r3f as well as Blender, so I’m very confident to finish this task perfectly. I’m so excited to work in this project.
I look forward to having a further discussion with you.
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I’ve reviewed your requirements and I’m prepared to assist you.
Feel free to reach out:

Email: jack(at)technogiq(dot)com
Skype: live:.cid.a0f06a69cf1c6478

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jack Smith

Bone constraints aren’t supported. Only skinning meshes to bones.

You may be able to bake your constraints to the animation to get what you’ve animated in blender, out:

But the constraints themselves only exist in blender.

If you are highly skilled, you may be able to write a python script to export the bone constraints from blender, into a JSON format or something and then re-implement the constraints in your own threejs code, but that’s probably like… SUPER hard.

To any of the people answering this with offers to do the work, could you perhaps give a short description of how you would approach solving this issue?



Of course, constraints exist in Blender and it is not supported.
but why do you think your method is only solution?
constraints logic could be implemented in three.js and it is not difficult.
and we can also implement this, by adding some works in model by blender as well. for example we can add some empty meshes…


Thanks for replying. You have added some helpful context. :slight_smile:
Perhaps you could add your advice to OPs thread here:


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