Inverse kinematics on gltf model

Hi I want to know about how we can add the inverse kinematics in gltf model.I have seen many questions related to this but none of the seen the example .I want to move the arm model with the help of transform control.So how can we do that .If someone develope this kind of example then it would be pleasure and helpful for me .Thanks

I see this example but he didn’t apply gltf model in his code.So need your help thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the example

I think this is not primarily a Three.js problem, but rather an Inverse Kinematics topic. The graphics in your example is not that advanced after all.

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Once you’ve loaded a glTF model, it’s just a collection of THREE.Group, THREE.Mesh, THREE.SkinnedMesh, and other objects — plain three.js objects, the same as loading from any other format. If you control those objects very carefully you can certainly create an IK rig to match them, perhaps using GitHub - jsantell/THREE.IK: inverse kinematics for three.js or even custom logic. But there’s no general-purpose way to turn random models into IK rigs, you generally need to have some knowledge of the rig and its constraints.