Implement biomes in a procedural world

Hey, I have this world which is generated using three ImprovedNoise, in the original version the plane simulating the water is created for each “chunk” and with a shader unlike here; creating a plane for the entire thing. So I want the world to be playable (I’ve added physics) and I noticed that It was really boring while exploring because it didn’t have almost any variations: everything looks pretty much the same. I want to have for example a big ocean or a big forest, I mean, something that could look like the real world but procedurally generated.

I’ve seen on the Internet some resources like these:

None of the things I’ve thought would work and I don’t really know where to start… Maybe I can create a map of biomes with another noise so they can match with each other (noise functions heights are based on their neighbors, I’ve read somewhere) and then add a multiplier of height/humidity to modify the environment colors and weather.

This is the most realistic solution I could come up with. Anyways thanks for your attention!