IcosahedronGeometry detail + Chrome/Safari performance (low fps)


I’m working with an IcosahedronBufferGeometry and some custom shaders.
I need a high level detail in order to distort smoothly on the vertex shader, so i was working without any problems with this:

THREE.IcosahedronBufferGeometry(1, 70)

After the latest Chrome update (Version 94.0.4606.71 (x86_64)) fps dropped down really low.
Up to Chrome 92 everything was running smoothly (same exact code) at 60fps.
I noticed this also happens on Safari, but not in Firefox.

I created a reduced test case, with some minimal code in this Codepen:

If you replace the current Geometry, with the one 1 line above (detail = 70) you’ll notice a significant drop in the frame rate.

Any insights on this?

Thank you!