DodecahedronGeometry in InstancedMesh low FPS on Mac OS/Chrome

Hi there,

I have an issue where any of the subclasses of PolyhedronGeometry tank my FPS when using in an InstancedMesh.

I opened a github issue, but my repo was not accepted as a source, so I created a fiddle to show the issue: three.js ~ example ~ Mr.doob - JSFiddle - Code Playground

On my machine (2016 Mac Book Pro, Mac OS 12.1, Chrome latest) my FPS drop to ~5 and my GPU gets clamped (even though it doesn’t get hot). This only seems to happen with these (sub)classes of geometry. Other geometries seem to work just fine.

Is anyone able to replicate the issues I’m seeing on their end?
I’m at a total loss, because this suddenly popped up (wasn’t an issue a week ago), but I don’t think three.js nor Chrome have updated in the meantime, so I wonder what’s going on.

Devtools shows no issues whatsoever, so this seems to happen on a hardware-related level.

Also note that FireFox works just fine.


Hello! 60 FPS on PC 2013 year. 4gb video, 8gb ram. Problem in your videocard or browser.

Hi thanks for checking it out. Yeah I think this is certainly some hardware thing. The GPU getting clamped down must be a combo of Chrome + MacOs and my config. And in true Apple nature I probably have no control over it either.

Thanks again for confirming, I’ll stick to FireFox :frowning:

Hello. I have a similar problem on the same computer. The problem is only in chrome browser. I tried to install older versions of the browser but the problem remains.
Did you fail to solve the problem?

Hardware accelerator disabled maybe