I need Help with my 3D model integration

Hello everyone,
I dont know much about web dev and already struggle with html but I need a good grade for my web dev school projekt so I try to integrate a 3D Model with orbit Camera into my projekt website. Unfortenately when I open the Website only a blank canvas appears instead of a 3D model of a f35 fighter jet.
I put everything into this drive folder

If you absolutely have to have something in 3d start with Aframe https://aframe.io
just fork their templates and place your model in it. Otherwise you need to learn html and js to save yourself frustration. Hav the fun!!
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Why arent you using the standard setups ? Im sure your school has tought you this. You should at minimum be able to setup a basic scene, just follow this for now and get a cube going for now: three.js docs
As of right now, your modules are depricated and the modules themselves crossreference other modules, which you dont have. Just set things up with with node js.