I need access to the source codes

What i’m saying is that the mentality of three is to poke through other people’s code. Which is fine, i share most of the stuff i do and i’ve poked myself. If nothing i use spector. But i think that this example here goes beyond that, way way beyond that. So the question is, how easy should it be for people like this.

in fact, this very thread is the proof - there were no log of 3js revision, and yet the topic starter knew which engine it is and came to this specific forum :slight_smile:


I’m curious, is the rest of the stuff stolen?


OH, NO!! That’s the 3D tour I made for Faraday Future! No one is safe!


If the manufacturer wants to sell this design for a fee, I want to buy it. but I guess it doesn’t sell.

It’s unlikely, this is their agency website.

There’s loads of contact details on the website though, have you tried reaching out to them and asking how much they would charge to create a similar site for you?

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So how does this scam work? You get hired to do the stuff Edan Kwan does and realize that only Edan Kwan can do Edan Kwan stuff. Maybe something a bit less famous than the most famous creative technologist could fly.

A long time ago, i knew a guy who was designing websites in eastern Europe. Some construction agency from Brazil used his images for their website, but back in those days bandwidth was pricey, so they just straight up linked to them. When he found out, he swapped them out for a bunch of porn.