Cash Bounty $: Upgrade Wagner Effects Composer to latest version of ThreeJs

The Wagner Effects Composer is an invaluable resource for the ThreeJs community which contains more than twenty incredible shader implementations and is now outdated and cannot be used:

With your help we can bring back this library back to life, by upgrading the library to work with the latest version of ThreeJS.

I have posted a cash bounty on Bountify site, which is a site where many developers can collaborate, and the winner solution becomes public. The winner will not just receive the cash bounty that I have offered, but also might receive additional (money) tips from other people who want to collaborate with this cause and can donate money to the winner developer.

So, if you become the winner of this bounty, not only you will receive my cash price and the donations from others, but also you will gain lots of recognition as the bounty solver.

Access the bounty here:

I will be posting additional bounties soon, for things I need for my projects, and I will be donating all the solutions to the community by posting the bounties through Bountify.

The winners of my bounties might be also be considered for hiring in bigger projects.

Thank you and I hope you can help me, and also help the community grow.

Have you posted this on the github page so that @spite can see it?

I know he’s mentioned an intention to update this recently so perhaps he is already working on it.

Hi @Looeee thanks for the reply!
I emailed him today actually and will post a reply if he does.

However, I don’t think he has any intention of upgrading the library. His last commit was three years ago.
That’s why I am asking for this bounty…

I came across his comment here a few days ago

But yeah, just noticed it’s from 10 months ago…

The winners of my bounties might be also be considered for hiring in bigger projects.

Are you saying that you might consider hiring people?

Yes, that is correct! I am looking forward to hiring ThreeJs developers for other projects.

Hope someone can clear the bounty! :slight_smile:
The solution will remain public for everyone (not just me), and other developers can also “tip” (add more money) to the choosen winner.

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