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Hey, maybe let’s combine our forces on Integrating Physics to Three.js? See my project https://github.com/WhitestormJS/whitestorm.js

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Yes I was aware of the WhiteStorm.js, and now that I take a second look, I realize, “oh boy, he had the exact same vision as me…”

I will totally help the development. Just invite me to the project so I will have read/write access. And now that there are two main contributors, we will need a TODO list, so we can keep up with each others work!

P.S. The modules are ok, but I have an even more creative integration!

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Start from whs discord channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/frNetGE
…and ping me there (@alex2401).
Sure. We have a TODO list: https://github.com/WhitestormJS/whitestorm.js/projects/4

Get deeper into modules, they are better then any other thing:)

I joined! Under TheCodeCrafter

See i wrote you there

OH sorry. It’s easier to be on here than on Discord! I may check soon, Playing Star Citizen

I’ll keep my news in this topic from now. *Like a small feed for my project.
New version is out! v2.0.0-beta.9

Hey @sasha240100

I have been trying to use whs.js, but it isn’t working very well for me. Could you throw me some tips?

Hey, I also want to help you out a bit more on Whs.js

I’m trying to copy your fps example over to my server, but it’s links to other files are confusing. I don’t use pug often. (as in ever)

@TheCodeCrafter Hey, sure! (I may respond slowly here, so you better find me in whs.js discord server for whs-related questions: https://discordapp.com/invite/frNetGE ) (me: @alex2401)
What is the problem?

New article: https://medium.com/whitestormjs-framework/whats-new-in-whitestorm-js-v2-c81c1f3ab960

I tried to copy the fps folder and tried it, and obviously (we discussed this) it doesn’t work. I would like to make the library a little bit more portable and make the examples usable with a simple build file.

@TheCodeCrafter Hey, that may happen in some examples. Let’s discuss that in discord

okay, just remember, I can’t use my broken mic :wink: