I made a creepy trippy walking sim (game?), Sunflowerain!

Hey friends!

The title says it all, really. You can watch the gameplay on YouTube or play it yourself here. The source code’s on GitHub too. You basically go around tagging ghosts (lost spirits?) and leading them outside the forest to help them pass on. Something might happen if you tag them all! Then again, it’s nothing special, so don’t. Here’s the controls:

On desktop, press (not hold) the AWSD or the arrow keys to start moving in a given direction. Press the same key to stop. Use the mouse to look around.

On mobile, swipe up/down/left/right to start moving in that direction. Swipe the same way to stop. Move your finger on the screen to start turning the camera in your finger’s direction. Move your finger to the center of the screen or simply tap the screen to stop.

Honestly, I spent way too long on this project—kept abandoning it, coming back to it, changing it beyond all recognition… It was like a mini development hell of sorts, or maybe a development purgatory… But I did learn some things while working on it that will no doubt benefit me in the future (right?). And while I could not quite create the Sunflowerain I had in mind, I do feel like what I made looks kind of cool (on a good day) and maybe, someone else will think so too—you never know! I do however wish I’d done more with the music; it’s just been ages since I’ve written anything I really liked… But that aside, thanks for checking out Sunflowerain and have a good day/night!

I’ll share it on Reddit too so please ignore it if you see it there. Peace!

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