Html mirror react elemets in r3f

I placed div with react element in Html from drei and the element doesn’t respond on scroll and flipped.
In documentation no parameters flipX or Y. I know people use iframe for to show website and be able to scroll, but the iframe is flipped too. I found problem in transform and distanceFactor={0.102}


        position={[-0.124, 0.554, 0.875]}
        <div className="w-[1940px] h-[1170px]">

You could try asking here: Poimandres

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you flip it like you would any other element, for instance rotation={[0, Math.PI, 0]}

i do not know what you mean with doesn’t respond to scroll. do you have a scroll control inside the canvas or do you scroll the whole canvas from within the dom?

Appreciated for your help, scroll works on whole scene and I have overlay ui and in monitor component.Scroll should work only inside monitor mesh. I found easier to use iframe, the only problem with it is effect loading speed, and it’s not the best use of it, I guess. But I only need a landing page with one form.