How to view the available blendshapes in a gltf model

I downloaded a gltf model which is supposed to have 50 blendshapes or so. How will I be able to view these blendshapes and morph between them. Can someone please help with the property/API or a resource that discusses this.
The main motive behind this is facial animation.


Regardless of the format used to load the model, blend shapes are referred to as “morph targets” in three.js, and can be accessed from properties like these:

  • mesh.morphTargetInfluences
  • mesh.morphTargetDictionary

See THREE.Mesh documentation for details on these properties. You may need to traverse the loaded model if it has more than one mesh in it, as different parts could have different morph targets (or none).

The expressions on this example use morph targets and could be a helpful example. Or you could look at my viewer ( and its code (mainly viewer.js).