How to use OutlinePass in Augmented reality

I wanted to implement my own project and i used the three.js REVISION = ‘101’ beacuse i wanted used AR in my app. And i have to use the three.js which is used for Ar and it doesn’t show my coffee machine object.

i want to see the other part of my obj

it seems that it lost the material( i used the three.js reversion 101 instaed of reversion 104… beacuse it didnt write for AR

Can you please describe in more detail how your AR project setup looks like? Are you using AR.js?

no i didnt use AR.js … i didnt use AFrame…
i used directly three.js
i used artoolkit

this github

it solved

i used just the new Outline.js and i used the other old files( if i used the new ones, i suffered to this problem .