How to use fbx2three.js?

Hey all
I have trouble with fbx2three.js
I download threes.js-master and run npm init esm in the root directory,then I put a model.fbx in /utils/converters,run node -r esm fbx2three.js model.fbx, and I got ReferenceError: Blob is not defined. This is because of the FBXLoader.js use new Blob in line 341, but Blob is available only in browser.
What’s the correct way to convert a fbx to js?
please help me

The converter script only works partially. E.g. images in binary format not yet supported.

Well, you will have more success by importing the FBX file into the editor and then export to JSON.

Or even better, convert the FBX asset to glTF via:

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