How to use EXR format to generate lights effects with the help of threejs?

hello, someone guide me how we can use EXR or HDR format to generate light effects in threejs, need some references, thanks

Start by exploring the examples, like:

If that’s not what you’re looking for then please be more specific. :slight_smile:

I just want image based lighting using EXR whenever I load in threejs it didn’t work, need some code reference or tutorial how we can create HDR background so we can create fake light effects in our scene.

The links above contain reference code for loading existing EXR or HDR files — click the button in the lower right to view source. Most often these files are found on websites like HDRIs • Poly Haven. If you want to make the EXR or HDR files yourself, then I’d recommend providing much more detail on what you’re trying to do.

No no, I want to use the existing EXR file and load that. I am writing my code in typescript, if i convert JS into typescript. It gives a lot of errors, and I also solved all the errors, but it didn’tload the EXR file, and the scene is black.

The examples above are correct working code. We can’t tell you why your own code doesn’t work if you don’t share that code.