How to three Color Grading Based on Model Vertex

three how to achieve the effect shown on the picture, how to achieve color gradient on the plane, and how to help

Seems, you’ve forgot to attach a picture.

I’m sorry I’ ve re-uploaded

Have a look at this SO answer:

Thank you very much for your information

And this codepen, for more ideas:


Can this example implement an external incoming height value, if negative, at zero

shown below

As I have shown in the picture, if the height is positive, it is raised above the zero, and if it is negative, it is below the zero

Sure, you can extend it with additional uniforms, processing them in shaders.

I have done a few days, or no effect, Ken can be shader algorithm processing is not skilled enough, lack of knowledge

Well, I hope this example will help you :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, you have provided a lot of valuable information, I will study it well

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