How to speed up model loading and how to reduce model size

I want to know how to speed up the loading speed of the model
The file size of my model is currently 10MB to 300MB

Does anyone know how Sketchfab optimizes its model?
Because the loading speed on this website is very fast regardless of the size of the model

you should use GLTF files compressed with draco. i use gltf-pipeline to compress assets but there are other tools that go further. you can also compress the hell out of textures, scale them down, etc., which usually are the parts that make it so big.

SketchFab zips the file on the server, sends it over in separate chunks and the unzips on the client-side. They also first load only low-res textures, render, and then send requests for the rest.

(Edit: so basically as @drcmda says - compress everything, ideally only once and only on the server side. If you need HD models on client-side, first send over the low-quality resources, render, then request the high-quality versions in the background.)

thank you ! It’s very helpful

Your model polygons count still should be optimized for web.
300MB for web is too much to handle.

OK! I will try it :grinning: thank you

@11141 Please use the search a bit more before posting new topics. Reducing the download size of asset was already discussed multiple times. In context of glTF, this answer is also useful: