How to showcase multiple examples in one page

Hello, I want to display all my work in a neat format like mr doob does here: any advice on how to go about this?

This page looks like its just a gallery of images?

The images are assigned links and it is very professionally done.

The principle itself is easy to see.
2021-04-23 08.54.11

In its simplest form I use it for the Collection of examples from

See source of 2021

You can find an arrangement with frames here. Grid Collection

@Shange Please keep in mind that question about web development are off-topic in this forum. The topic should always be related to three.js.

Thank you this has helped me alot

Ok Thanks, I will be more mindful in the future to only ask three.js based questions


Here is the finished result of what I was working on in regards to this question: Three js