How to set OrbitControls using the camera object in the glb file?

Hello everyone. (I don’t speak English and used a translator)
I configured OrbitControls using a camera object from a glb file.
But OrbitControls didn’t work the way I wanted…
When I set the OrbitControls, it moves to the model’s camera position, but the problem is that when I drag with the mouse, the camera does not stay fixed, but moves forward, backward, and sideways like the camera itself moves.
What’s the problem?
Do I need any additional settings?
Thank you for your reply.

Example site)
Lamborghini Huracán STO 2020 [Click on the model’s window to enter!]

My source code)

Glb model data)

You can disable Orbitcontrols with

controls.enabled = false

You can adjust the ranges that it allows dragging, zooming, etc.

enableZoom true/false