Rotating 1 part of a 3d model and giving orbital control

currently i have a model

the disc below is a platform and the above 2 are the objects

i want the disc to rotate on scroll(without user being able to move with mouse as in orbital controls). but the above models to have orbital control(use should be able to rotate them in their place) . can i achieve this ???

Yes, but not with OrbitControls - OrbitControls control the camera, not the target (by rotating the camera, you rotate everything.)

Are you using vanilla three.js or react-three-fiber?

I am using react three fiber . can you explain some more

In that case I’d remove the orbit controls entirely and instead bind onPointerMove events to the models - whenever user presses down and drags on the model, calculate deltaX and rotate the model appropriately.

Oh got it . thanks for the help. i will try ot implement it.