Orbitcontrols - Ortographic camera, move camera smootrhly when clicking on object

hi im trying to work with orbitcontrols, my goal is basically to move camera to another position , when clicked on mesh, lets just use cube as a mesh object. (for example zooming on it, once clicked) disabling orbitcontrols while focused on object.
and have a div near object(name it (back) once pressed move camera back to starting position.

Important: make all transitions visible and smooth, instead of teleporting from one position to second.

i have seen similar controls in past i just don’t remember website to use it as reference, hopefully my explanation is enough.

i will use this model for reference r3f drei watch example

it already has div added with clicking option, should be simpler to attach camera movement to it.

my goal is to click on dial of the watch, and move zoom in on it to keep it in focus(disabling all controls), and once clicking on price div to just zoom out of focus and reset the camera position.