How to set default lookAt for Orbit Control

While using Orbit control with following controls , The 360 rotation is working on it single point as per my need. But It is looking a position as default. I need to change it to some other side. How to do that .
var controls = new OrbitControls( camera, renderer.domElement ); controls.enableZoom = false; controls.enablePan = false; controls.enableDamping = true; controls.rotateSpeed = - 0.25;

You have to change the default value of

If I change the target, then the orbit control 360 rotation axis also will be changed to the new target . But I need to rotate the based on the same axis as of now, but the camera needs to see some other point. @Mugen87

Sorry, but this is not supported by the controls.

Please have a look into this .
In this , the default view is as follow

But I need to set it as below.

How to do this

Then you can do something like that for your camera’s start position:

let spherical = new THREE.Spherical(distance_from_center, Math.PI, 0);
spherical.makeSafe(); // see in the docs what it does 
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Thank you for your kind reply @prisoner849. Can you please say what is that distance_from_center ?

How far you want your camera to locate from the center of the scene.