Cannot change camera rotation (default position)

I’ve been wanting to change the camera position to show my model in a clear view. For that I need to rotate my camera. tried the camera.rotation.y method. Doesn’t seem to change the rotation of the camera.

        var size = new THREE.Vector3().subVectors(bbox.max, bbox.min);, 0, 2 * Math.max(Math.abs(size.x), Math.max(Math.abs(size.y), Math.abs(size.z)))); = 3 *; = / 100; = 90*Math.PI/180;;

I noticed self.renderer.controls.update() in your code and wondered if you’re using OrbitControls.
If that’s the case, you could try: myModel.position ); myModel.position );

Yo can’t transform the camera if you later call controls.update(). OrbitControls will overwrite anything what you have applied so far. So one simple solution is to not update the controls if you are transforming the camera by yourself: