vs camera.lookAt


I have few questions related to OrbitControls.

Before using it, I used camera.lookAt() to set direction in which camera looks.
Reading on OrbitControls, I learnt that camera.lookAt() should be replaced by

I want to know what’s difference between these two.

I am also facing an issue with OrbitControls.
If I don’t make use of, then it becomes very difficult to zoom in to my target object.
And when I use it, zooming issue is solved but panning becomes an issue as target object doesn’t pan with rest of the scene and it is static while panning.


OrbitControls internally uses Object3D.lookAt() in order to look at the defined target location of focus (

That’s the intended behavior since panning transforms the vector. Or in other words, the location of focus.


And does it mean that rotation and zooming also happens with focus on target?

Yes. OrbitControls ensures that the camera orbits (rotates) around the target. Zooming/dollying is also focused on the defined target vector.


@Mugen87 how would you adjust the center of rotation after a pan? I have tried using , but the center of rotation for the object remains unchanged.

You also have to call controls.update() after changing the target.