How to scale a model based on 3D world coordinates?

Suppose I have 2 numbers:

  • far 3d point 0.002
  • near 3d point -0.005
  1. What is the best approach for affecting the 3d model size? (Do I need to Zoom in/out the camera or should I scale it ?)

  2. Do I need to convert the world coordinates directly to three.js or should I convert it first to screen size and then to Three.js coordinates? What is the best solution to this problem?

Thank you

I think there is no real issue for the choice of what scale to use in ThreeJS. I tend to think in working in meters (1 being 1 m), so if your object is really small, as you seems to indicate, I would scale it up. But that is probably only relevant when developing for augmented reality, where models have to be at scale with real objects.

@awonnink - So based on your answer, you suggest multiplying it by 1000 ?
so far point would be 2 (the min size of the model) and near point would be 5 (the max size of the model)?

Yes, by 100 or 1000, depending of the nature of the model. How big would you make it if you wanted to create it for real, for demonstration purposes. But again, no technical reasons for this. .