How to replace images (not sprites) from array dynamically?

Given there is array with several images.
Given a first one is loaded onto the canvas.
Given there is a ThreeJS particle system which gives some animated effects to that image.
(Maybe this is wrong:
Given that animation stops after a certain period of time with “cancelAnimationFrame(animationControl);”.
Now the first image should be replaced by the second one and the animation should start again.)

Or much better, how could it be possible to replace that image by the second from the array while ongoing rendering without stopping it?

I’m unsure if what you mean by “image” is “sprite”, but in case it’s this, I made a small open-source tool to help with this :
demo here

Very interesting sprite solution! Congrats!

But in my case, I want to replace one image by another one (not to move the clipping).