Is It Possible Array IMG's to TextureLoader (Script Edit)

Hi guys. I am a beginner on Three.js. I need some help.

I want to use that script.
When IMG hovers, the image does glitch effects.

if I understood correctly,
The following codes update the object’s Texture. When it hovers, the 2nd image is loaded, when it is not, the 1st image is loaded.

  var texture1 = loader.load(image1, render);
    var texture2 = loader.load(image2, render);

    texture1.magFilter = texture2.magFilter = THREE.LinearFilter;
    texture1.minFilter = texture2.minFilter = THREE.LinearFilter;

I want to upload 5-10 images and update the images every time there is a click.
Like a slick slider, I am going to change images in sequence with Effects.

Is this possible on three js?

Demo: Distortion Hover Effect | Codrops
Script.js hover-effect/hover-effect.js at 15fc09f0a203f6049ff57cd574d2b619468feb34 · robin-dela/hover-effect · GitHub (line 183)