How to remove these light circles on the floor?

I am a beginner and need help to remove these light circles on the floor.
Screenshot 2022-07-23 101924

Here is the light code:

const ambientlight = new THREE.AmbientLight(0x404040);
const directionalLight = new THREE.DirectionalLight(0xffffff, 1.0);
directionalLight.position.set(- 5, 50, - 1);

Here is the renderer code:

const renderer = new THREE.WebGLRenderer({antialias: true});
renderer.setSize(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight);
renderer.shadowMap.enabled = true;
renderer.shadowMap.type = THREE.VSMShadowMap;
const container = document.getElementById(‘container’);

Here is the camera code:

const camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(75, window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight, 0.1, 1000);
camera.rotation.order = ‘YXZ’;

The room is a gltf model. I added is as usual.

Thanks for help!

change the angle of the light, your light is like a mid day sun shining top down in a straight line - doesn’t look good, makes everything look flat, and creates directly visible spots. you can also increase roughness of the material so it gets blended in better.