How to merge PlaneGeometry seams to generate endless terrain?

Currently I’m using code from this repo to generate my terrain. It is enssentially a plane geometry with noise added to z-axis of vertices. Now I want to stitching many random pieces together to make endless terrain. So the players only need to load the tiles that are near them. But the seams of each plane are random, can not merge them directly. I wonder if there is any approach to solve this problem, and make the junctions smooth.

There is an old article/tutorial/github explaining step by step the way to achieve this.
I promised myself to someday take the time to rebuild this with up-to-date three.

Sadly it’s still not done, so I will shamelessly post the original, kudo to the author!
The method used is still perfectly valid tho (or is it? I’m interested about this too)

To be more accurate, it’s not your exact case either.
In this demo the challenge is the mesh definition not being the same between planes.
But it can be extended for your purpose, it’s averaging the vertex position value between plane’s borders to obtain a smooth result.

Thanks for the article, just read it. It doesn’t seem a very complicated approach, I will study his code. :+1: