How to make a carousel

I trying to make something like here
I mange to create the objects and link them to pages.
I want to open the links on the same window and make the objects move like the example
This link is the example

A minimalistic showcase could look like so:

The idea is to arrange the objects in a circular fashion and update their rotation in the render loop. You then use OrbitControls and set autoRotate and enableDamping to true. By modifying parameters like autoRotateSpeed, you can define the speed and sensitivity of the controls.


Thanks it help a lot , it work nice.
I manage to use texture instead of the colors.
I also manage to get the links works as I want.
The only thing I missing is the text.
I believe it is something with “mousemove” but I do not how to target the right object and show the text.
Can I add text to object and show it when hover?
How I can target the CSS?
This is what I got

This can be close

Topics can not be closed similar to github.

Thanks, I mark it as solved?

You can only this by putting [Solved] in the topic’s title. But that is not really necessary :wink:

Great, thanks for help :slightly_smiling_face: