How to make a animation like the link

hi guys,

i am sorry my English is not good and i am a beginner, i want know,

can i use threejs + tweenjs make the animations like the video?

I and my friend want to do such a project running in the browser,

or Is there another engine recommendation?

Forgive me for bad English!Thanks!


Um, this is basically an animated version of a thumbnail grid, right? I think I would try out a CSS based approach first. CSS3DRenderer can be useful in this context. The following example might be a good starting point:

In general, you don’t need necessarily an engine for such an app. This can also be implemented with plain HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. You will find a lot of example for responsive grids and content carousel in the web e.g.:


Thank you very much for your reply!

In fact, I’m worried about performance problems use CSS3…

and the animation effects of in the center of the screen is a trouble for me .

But I’ll try threejs CSS3Renderer…