OrbitControls y coordinate

Hey guys,

I wanted to ask how I can set the speed of the rotation and if I event add a rotation in the y coordinate. I also wanted to know if I can make the rotation with the scroll wheel and not autorotate

anyone ? @hofk

Sorry, :slightly_frowning_face: but you should add more details. What have you tried so far?

Code, better a live example would be helpful.

You can set the rotation speed like this orbit.rotateSpeed = 2

If you wanna rotate by scroll wheel, you have to modify OrbitControls.js directly.

Or you could try to dispatch pointermove event inside the scrolling event and passing fake x, y mouse positions, but I think youll get into lots of problems


Heres my code without the gltfloader and so on. I have tried the orbit.rotateSpeed but nothing changed

@Fluqz @hofk

ah i got it. the syntax is controls.autoRotateSpeed = 2;
but i still dont know how i can configure the y coordinate to move as well

What do you mean by that?

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