How to make a Bookcase

The goal is create a bookcase like dat, aaa.

How can i create dat? we need to put some box in the book case too, but i have no idea how to do the bookcase.

You’ll want to use a modeling tool like SketchUp, Blender, or Maya to create the bookcase, or find a similar bookcase available for download on sites like Sketchfab or Poly. Three.js is used for composing the scene but not for modeling individual assets.

After such powerful statement, I guess any further advice would be useless for him.

i need to make a bookcase like the picture in three.js

everyone can help me

Judging by the previous thread, you need to finish this for a class. So I am going to assume that this is a final project for that class.

That means YOU have to do this. Assuming that you cannot do this, then that means you don’t have enough knowledge to pass the class. It sucks but thats the reality you are facing right now.

Building that in threejs is HARD. Judging by the amount of questions that will be asked, in the end we will basically build the whole thing for you. and we don’t want to do your homework.

Also I’m curious, what is your major?

don´t worry i already make it alone.
I don´t have any problem to help people pass in class or help them in the problem but here everyone have problem with free help to other. Hope you need help for someone who don´t want to help to.
I don´t want to work with this in the future so what? i have a class dat is useless to me.
I help people pass in mat, english, data base and don´t even get anything back, dat is the point help other to other help you. Eye for a Eye.

No No, you are misinterpreting the word help big time in this situation.

What are you basically asking is this:

Can you help me with this problem in calculus?

Oh sure which part do you need help with?

How do I add 2 + 2 and what is this “=” sign?

How would you respond? You would tell the person to go learn the basics first. And you don’t want to learn the basics.

I suggest you really watch this video and really pay attention to the first few minutes and what he says.

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The problem for me is use three.js only and no editor only code, i could use other programs dat people told me.
It´s easy to work with three.js/editor?? Can i export from editor three?
Dat was with “three.js” editor i already saw some examples, how to make it with code?? only javascript allowed

if your assignment is to create a 3D model without using any 3D modeling tools, then that is … odd. three.js is not a 3D modeling tool. You could use the three.js editor and add boxes and cylinders to create a shelf, I suppose. It will look quite basic but will work.

Beyond that, you are going to have to make a real attempt, and then ask for help if you get stuck — we are not going write a bookshelf-making tutorial just for you. Please show that you are trying to solve the problem yourself before asking others to solve it for you.


I create the bookcase in the Blender and now i can´t put the bookcase in three with the export three.json, i saw some videos and read from some websites and still can´t load the object.

I saw this code in some videos it´s correct??

var loader = new THREE.JSONLoader();
loader.load(‘filename.json’, handle_load);
function handle_load(geometry , materials) {
var mesh = new THREE.Mesh(geometry, materials);

  1. Why did you take a useless class?
  2. Why did the school let you take a useless class?
  3. Why is the class useless?
  4. Why don’t you drop it?
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There is a fine line here between help and cheating. People are trying to help you here but you want to cheat.

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I myself couldn’t care any less if this bookshelf ends up being made or not. It’s a stupid assignment.

However, how this situation came to be, is really interesting. Is there any value in work like this if it is deemed as wasted time?

Is three.js too user friendly, or too fool proof to encourage this kind of phenomenon?

already make my bookcase in blender can you help me with dat

hey, can you please send me the code so i can pass my class?