How to lock the angle of camera looking at a constant value

Consider this example
In this example, while clicking on Animation View , The camera is moving along the spline line. The camera looking at it path only. But I need to set the camera needs to see a constant angle. How to do that.

I’m afraid this does not really makes sense. A camera can’t look at a “constant angle”. Are you referring to a target position? If so, then use .lookAt() to orient the camera towards a focus point per frame.

Thank you for your reply @Mugen87. Can you please share an example for .lookAt() Because, I try to understand, But I couldn’t.

Please always check the official examples in such cases:

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I have seen this @Mugen87. Please have a look into this example. I am building an application like this. In this they used Orbitcontrol to rotate the car. But while clicking on the hotspot, the camera is not looking the target of orbitcontrol. How to do this. This is what exactly I want. And after entering into the car, I think they are using FirstPersonControl. How to handle those two controls in a same scene.