How to keep camera on top of my map ? PointerLockControl


Using this example PointerLock, i’m trying to make a simple map and add some inetractions later.

My problem is: the camera before “Play” is normal, but when I press Play, it moves on my Y axe and my player is pushed to the ground. I couldn’t figure out why. Any help please?

my code :

The problem lies in line 224 here:

controls.getObject().position.y += velocity.y * delta * 20; // new behavior

When you remove this line it seems to work like expected. I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to calculate there though.

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Thank you for your answer !
actually when i remove this line, it doesn’t jump anymore

do position.y = Math.max (0, position.y)

already tried that, doesn’t seem to work