How to include animations in GLTFExporter when I am not using AnimationClips

Hi everyone. I have a PlaneGeometry who’s faces I’m animating (changing face colors using tween js) to create intricate patterns as shown in the attached image. I would like to export the scene as a GLB using the GLTFExporter.


The problem is that the exporter only gives me the final state of the plane, not the animation. I know there’s an animation option in the exporter where you can attach AnimationClips but I am not using animation clips to animate the plane. I am just tweening the individual faces of the plane in a loop.

My question is, how can I “record” the animation to get the AnimationClips so I can add that to the GLTFExporter. Is there a way to capture the animation and store it in an AnimationClip.

Any help or suggestions on how to go about this would be much appreciated.