How to include animations in GLTFExporter when I am not using AnimationClips

Hi everyone. I have a PlaneGeometry who’s faces I’m animating (changing face colors using tween js) to create intricate patterns as shown in the attached image. I would like to export the scene as a GLB using the GLTFExporter.


The problem is that the exporter only gives me the final state of the plane, not the animation. I know there’s an animation option in the exporter where you can attach AnimationClips but I am not using animation clips to animate the plane. I am just tweening the individual faces of the plane in a loop.

My question is, how can I “record” the animation to get the AnimationClips so I can add that to the GLTFExporter. Is there a way to capture the animation and store it in an AnimationClip.

Any help or suggestions on how to go about this would be much appreciated.


Hi @Zongo! did you ever find out how to export a GLTF with a tween animation? I am facing the same issue and can’t seem to find a solution.


Creating an AnimationClip is required to export the animation with GLTFExporter. I think you’ll need to refer to the AnimationClip and KeyframeTrack API documentation for that, there is no shortcut to record currently.

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Hi @donmccurdy @vmontezuma I had to use the ColorKeyFrameTrack for my animations, tweening didnt work. The problem is that the material animations dont seem to work when importing the glb in Blender.

Ah yeah, that’s an additional issue. Only position/rotation/scale, skinning, and morph target animations will export with GLTFExporter.

Do any of the other exporters support material animations?

No, none do. I’m not sure which formats even support material animation either, unfortunately.