How to import independent line or LineSegments from gltf


I make some line in blender and export as gltf.
When I import the GLTF file, I find that all the lines in Blender have become Object3D objects.
Does anyone have a way to import lines through GLTF files?
Or are lines created manually?

Line in three.js extends Object3D. Regardless, they should still be drawn as GL_LINEs - extending base Object3D class just allows them to be manipulated on the Scene like everything else.

Does that mean you can’t import some special lines from some 3D models (such as roads, etc.)?It is very troublesome to add lines manually

Blender cannot yet export points and lines to glTF — only meshes. There was some work-in-progress in

Thank you for answering my doubts. This Github has been a great help to me.