How to get the boundary box of an object non axis-alligned

Hello everyone,

I need a way to get the boundary box of an object once its rotated. Seems that in Three js it only can be possible to take the boundary box in axis-alligned, but theres an option to do it in a non axis-alligned way?

When using THREE.Box3, the resulting bounding box of an object is always axis-aligned.

However, there is the experimental THREE.OBB class which is a so called oriented bounding box. Once you have setup the OBB, it’s possible to apply the object’s world matrix to it so it honors the object’s transformation. There is a respective example that demonstrates this approach: three.js examples

Notice that it is not yet possible to compute the best fitted OBB from a given object. For now, it’s best if you setup the OBB from object’s AABB via fromBox3().

Hello Mugen,
That’s exactly what I need!
Can I use it on r109?

THREE.OBB was added with r114.